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Accelerate Your Journey To Excellence



Performance Coaching is a professional partnership that will accelerate your journey to achieve excellence, professionally and personally. At a high level, the process of performance coaching involves the following steps:

1. Establish objectives and evaluate the current state

  • Develop meaningful objectives and their success metrics

  • Understand yourself and quantify the maturity of strengths and opportunities, including the use of appropriate technical and personality assessments


2. Engineer a custom plan

  • Leverage available data to develop a custom plan to reach the desired objectives

3. Execute the plan and measure progress

  • Put the custom plan into action

  • Use live virtual sessions to create new insights

  • Evaluate progress and adjust the plan as needed

  • Celebrate successes

The typical time investment to achieve one's objectives is two one-hour monthly sessions over six months. It usually takes up to two hours of follow-up work and preparation between sessions and up to three hours of assessments over the entire engagement. However, shorter engagements for more straightforward objectives and independent targeted sessions are not uncommon and equally effective. All sessions are held virtually to maximize your time.

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