Leadership is a craft forged along a journey that offers the sweetest victories at the peaks and the most humbling lessons in the valleys. The Leadership Turf is a space for Leaders to pause and to evaluate their leadership capabilities in the pursuit of becoming better Leaders for the service of others.


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Individual Development Plan 2.0

Master Your Professional Development in 4 Practical Steps

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Thoughts on leadership inspired by experience

IDP 2.0



Gonzalo Cordova discovered early in life a passion for continuous improvement, which led him to become an engineer with focus on optimization of processes and systems. As his career evolved, his passion for continuous improvement intersected with his desire to serve people. Hence, he now helps other professionals reaching their full potential. Additionally, Gonzalo is a long-distance triathlete and an avid reader. He enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.



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