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Gonzalo Cordova discovered his gift early in life: a passion and natural talent for processes and continuous improvement, so he became an engineer focusing on optimizing processes and systems. As his technical career evolved over a couple of decades into leading other leaders, he became interested in maximizing his performance to better serve others by achieving mental, physical, and professional excellence. More importantly, he recognized his fervent desire to share his multi-dimensional experience with others so that they could accelerate their journeys toward excellence. Hence, he published the individual development framework that he developed and used for his career so everyone could leverage it. Moreover, after completing the relevant training and earning a widely recognized credential, he now serves other professionals in their pursuit of excellence via performance coaching.

As part of Gonzalo's journey toward excellence, he has become a world-top-ranked long-distance triathlete and an avid reader in multiple genres. When he is not training or reading, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.


"After starting my first executive role with a new company, Gonzalo's coaching helped me navigate my career transition and gave me the confidence boost I needed.  Right out of the gate we were identifying objectives, finding creative ways to articulate a strategy for the business, and devising a custom plan to help take the business to the next level. In addition to his pragmatic and patient approach, his deep supply chain and corporate expertise makes him a perfect sounding board and accountability partner. Thanks, Gonzalo!"

Steve A., Supply Chain Executive

"Gonzalo is one of the best listeners I know, which allows him to capture the nuances of what is being said – and what is not.  He is also a terrific observer and can pick up on subtleties that others miss.  He has always been very intuitive and empathetic.  Now, he has combined his innate talents with professional training in executive coaching, making his insights thought-provoking and actionable.  If you are considering an executive coach (everyone can benefit from one regardless of where you are in your career journey), I highly recommend Gonzalo.”

Michelle L., Board Director & Supply Chain Executive

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