Executive Coaching

Craft custom data-driven solutions for tangible results

Gonzalo serves professionals with a technical background who need help achieving their full potential professionally and personally. He brings to the table formal technical, business, and coaching training along with almost two decades of professional experience leading high-performing teams in Fortune 500 companies.​

Gonzalo leverages a data-driven process to achieve tangible results:

1. Establish objectives and evaluate the current state

  • Develop meaningful objectives

  • Understand the self and quantify the maturity of strengths and opportunities using the appropriate technical and personality assessments


2. Engineer a custom plan

  • Leverage assessment results and current state data to develop a custom plan to reach the desired objectives

  • Define the metrics of success

3. Execute the plan and measure progress

  • Put the custom plan into action

  • Use meetings to evaluate progress

  • Adjust the plan as needed

  • Celebrate successes

A common time investment over six months involves two one-hour meetings per month, one to two hours of follow-up work and preparation in between meetings, and one to three hours of taking assessments.